The story

     Based out of Wichita, KS.

     I am very grateful for all the musicians that have played with me past and present. This is a collection of some of  those works.
     Currently working with JWL, AxX of Hate, Vas Odium and ISMS. Please sign the mailing list and spin some sounds. Thanks for your interest!!!


Ricky Vannatta - vocals

Chapel of the Eye demo 1994 @ Sixth Sense Studios 
Kenny Kopf - guitar
Jeff Davis - drums
Steve Gooding - bass

Grand Facade - Fields of Thought 2000
Ernie Clark - guitar
Mark Anderson - bass
Scott Peters - drums
Matt McBee - vocal

Grand Facade  2004 
Mark Anderson - guitar, bass
Scott Peters - drums

Sanctus Infernum 2007 @ Anybody Listening? studio - released Bad Mood Man
Mark Anderson - Guitar, bass
Chris Johnson - drums

Sanctus Infernum - Martyr 2009 @ Anybody Listening? Studio
Mark Anderson - guitar
Chris Johnson - drums
Scott Peters - bass

Antipas demo 2010 @ Purple Haze Studio
Howard Jones - viola
Yip Tan - guitar
Drake Anthony Lank - bass
Dale Freeman - drums

Crushed to Dust demo 2012 @ Purple Haze Studios
Mark Anderson - Guitar, Bass
Greg Brown - Drums

John Woodson's Leg - 2012 @ Bullet Ride Studios
HT Brown - Guitar
Blake Morrell - Bass
Dustin Cates - Drums

JWL album "Exit Inside" released 2013@ Bullet Ride studio
HT Brown - Guitar
Blake Morrell - Bass
Dustin Cates - Drums
Howard Cary Jones - Viola

Grand Facade - The Facelift ep releases on Revolution Nine 2014
Scott Peters - drums
Mark Anderson - guitar, bass

Sanctus Infernum - Other Gods releases on Satanath Records, Niberu Records, Thanatology Productions May 2014 @ Bullet Ride Studio
Mark Anderson - Guitars, bass
Scott Peters - Drums
Howard Cary Jones - Viola

Axx of Hate - Risen releases on Mulligore Productions Nov. 2014 @ Bullet Ride studio
Mike Garrett - Guitar
Mike Riker - Guitar
Aaron Murray - Bass
David Gleason - Drums
Regina Raven Turney - Vocal 
Juana Villa - Vocal  

Torrent - Gods of a Fallen Empire 2016 @ Magnitude Creative
Matt Sikes - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocal
Tyler Davis - Guest vocal on "Tempestus - From Life, Death"
R. Vannatta - Guest vocal on "Colorblind"

JWL - Even Further 2017 @ Bullet Ride Studio
Blake Morrell - bass
HT Brown - guitar
Dustin Cates - drums
James Barlow - guitar

Hess N Hell 2018 Soupsounds Studio
Joel Hesser - guitar, drums, bass, vocals
Andrew Olson - vocals
Daniel Homeyer - vocals





My biography is rejections and blow offs and repeat. The overlooked and passed over. It's other singers auditioning through my PA to replace me. It's hours and hours of diligence to hit the next brick wall. It's betrayal and pretend friends. It's cruel words and forked tongues that cut you in half. It's questioning why and wanting to quit. The constant battle of heart and mind. Through prayer and tears to get to the next disappointment. All this to get to the one person that pays you a compliment. The one great review that noone reads. The radio station that gives you a spin but noone is listening. Who but the insane or truly passionate would persist. My love for music is beyond measure. It has saved my life over and over again. Its sea of emotions relates to all.